Car Care Information


Brake dust occurs when brakes are applied, producing particles that cling to the surface of your alloy wheels. The results are a dirty/black looking rim. These particles can, over time, penetrate the clear coat or permeate the alloy wheels causing damage. The Wheel-Brite process helps to eliminate dirt and damage and also brightens your rims via chemical action.

Reflex rain barrier

Bring back that showroom shine! Utilizing the latest innovations in polymer technology works to brighten, protect, and shine.

White Wall Tire Treatment:

White wall tires add to the clean look of certain vehicles. These tires are subject to all the dirt, mud, tar, road oils and curb scrapes encountered while driving. The White Wall Treatment eliminates these problems and restores your tire side-wall to its original appearance.

Regular Mat Cleaning:

Mats should be cleaned regularly to prevent dirt and grime from seeping into your vehicle carpet; resulting in costly steam cleaning or even permanent damage or staining to that area. Frequent cleaning also reduces soil build-up which can cling to your shoes and clothing.

Triple Foam Polish:

Three different colored polishes are applied to the vehicle surface. Polymers in the polish attach to the car, resulting in a deep and long lasting shine. This product works extremely well on today's clear coat finishes. Note: Triple Foam Polish is designed to enhance surface reflectivity and is not a substitute for liquid or paste waxes.

Clear Coat Sealer Wax:

Protects your vehicle finish from damaging ultraviolet rays, acid rain and airborne contaminants. This product forms a layer on your car's painted surface and also seeps into cracks and crevices such as behind moldings, door panels and jams, where normal hand waxing cannot reach. Note: liquid Clear Coat Sealer Wax is designed to protect your car's finish over normal wash intervals up to 1 month and is not intended to replace hand applied paste wax which provides multi-month protection of painted surfaces (reference Leslie Detail Packages.

Undercarriage Wash
with Rust Inhibitor:

High-pressure water washes the undercarriage of your vehicle and applies a rust inhibitor coating that reduces premature rusting of the underbody and prolongs the life of your exhaust system.

Leslie Car Wash: High Quality Services

Water Recycling

Did you know that hand-washing your car with a high pressure hose (or using a self-wash) can result in well over 100 gallons of water being used? Also, manual washing does not control water contaminant run-off into storm sewers! Think about that the next time you decide to hand-wash your vehicle.

Our state of the art wash system conserves water (using less than half that of a typical hand wash). We use extensive water scrubbing and recycling technologies to insure that EPA standards and local city requirements for waste water are also met; including repeated monitoring. Reference: wash facts.

Soft Cloth Wash

Touchless washes can never remove grit and grime as efficiently as soft cloth washes. But, if rotating clothes and bristles used in tunnel-style washes are not properly cleaned and maintained they can act as abrasives to the finish coat of your vehicle. All car washes are not created equal!

We have 60 years of experience and take extra care to insure that the soft-cloth contacting your vehicle is free of abrasive contaminants. You can be confident that your car finish will be enhanced, not damaged when you use Leslie Car Wash!

Air Dry and Hand Dry

As your vehicle leaves the wash tunnel a drier is turned on to quickly remove water droplets from the top (hood, windshield, roof, rear-glass, and trunk). Then a Leslie Car Wash employee hand dries the complete exterior and inside door panels, cleans inside glass and wipes down the dashboard.

This hand labor is yet another distinguishing factor in choosing Leslie Car Wash. Our staff go the extra mile to insure your vehicle is clean inside and out.

We Are Customer Oriented

Leslie is a community oriented business with on-site owner-managers that will respond to your questions or concerns. We have a strong record of customer satisfaction! Our standards meet the needs of both the Village of Glen Ellyn and the City of Wheaton, for whom we wash police and municipal vehicles under contract.