About Leslie Car Wash

Our History

Leslie Car Wash was founded in 1965, an offshoot of Leslie Olds which was co-located at that time. It has been continuously serving the DuPage Area since its inception, with ownership passing to the third generation in 2001.

Meet the Management Team

Owner-managers Greg Kroscher and Hector Melendez have been involved with the operation for over 30 years. Between them they have more than 60 years experience in the car wash business. They actively manage day to day operations.

Leslie Car Wash's Sr. bookkeeper Pat Wallace has been with the company since 1998. Bookkeeper / office manager Sam Leo joined the operation in 2002. Full and part-time staff number over 25 individuals.

An Emphasis on Employee Training

Greg Kroscher is responsible for Wash-Tunnel related maintenance and personnel training. Hector Melendez manages and trains employees in the detail department. In all aspects of our operations, training emphasizes the safety and protection of our customers and their vehicles.

Email Contact Information

Greg Kroscher: greg@lesliecarwash.com

Hector Melendez: hector@lesliecarwash.com

Pat Wallace: pat@lesliecarwash.com

General: customerservice@lesliecarwash.com

Webmaster: admin@lesliecarwash.com